Experts in risk and crisis management since 1998

BRM helps all types of organizations avoid or reduce the risk of damage to people, tangible and intangible assets.

We do this by creating a useful structure and increased clarity, security and inspiration among the organization's employees.


Broad expertise

BRM provides all the necessary competencies to create and establish strong crisis preparedness. The competence includes in-depth knowledge of methods and standards for risk and crisis management, internal and external communication, and behavioral science insights into how we as individuals and groups function in stressful situations.

Proven methods and services

BRM has for over 25 years conducted trainings, analyses, and exercises in risk and crisis management for over 500 organizations in both the public and private sectors. Our proven methods are adapted to our customers' specific needs and situations. Together with our customers, and with adaptation to a changing world, we continuously work to develop our methods and services.

Specialized consultants

We actively work to ensure that our services regarding risk and crisis management are based on the combination of a sound structure in the operations and good behavior among the organization's employees.
We promise that if you choose us at BRM, you will not only get a good structure, but you will also get a personal and enthusiastic collaboration partner in developing your risk and crisis management work.

Since 1998

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